Square tune magician

Friday 16th of may 2014

12:00 Doors opens

22:00 Opening ceremony + Paula Powered live gig

Saturday 17th of may 2014

01:00 Demoshow

11:00 Alternation of Demoshow and Lectures + Fast compos

19:00 All deadlines

21:00 Compos

Dimanche 18 mai 2014

00:00 Square Tune Magician live act

10:00 Voting end

11:00 Pricegiving ceremony

15:00 Doors close



David Toyou

Bleank Co-founder

He is at the origin and responsible for the development of Bleank technology.
Before working for video game companies and founding Bleank, his passion for real-time 3D led him to program for demoscene, the most famous being the "VIP 2" demo written in 2000.
Currently, he is in charge of the development of Black Ink tool for creating 2D Generative Art.


Christophe Villeneuve

IT Consultant for Neuros

He is involved in various associations (Treasurer for DrupalFR, AFUP, LeMug, PHPTV...). He is also the author of books and articles in various magazines.